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Entry #2


2009-04-30 19:16:46 by lennontheregarded

I quit Spacefable because the creator of the game made a bad move in my opinion(no offense to him)so I didn't want to continue working. I mean he didn't even ask the people that put work into it if they wanted there art and everything back... all he did was just start a completely new team. So bye-bye Spacefable.


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2009-04-30 19:20:21

Some people have no respect for others' hard work. It's a damn shame.


2009-04-30 19:22:12

No, maybe it was just bad.

lennontheregarded responds:

No Spacefable was a great project. It had a great plot and storyline. I now know why the creator had done what he did. Anyways the project is completely done. The creator can't take the stress. But still at the time what he did was unfair.


2009-04-30 19:23:28

Maybe the person could have improved their so called "hard work" but that person was too stubborn to take constructive criticism.


2009-04-30 20:17:16